How can you request an upgrade at Alaska Airlines?

Feb 13

Getting an elite and luxurious status is something everybody wishes for. You might need to work really hard to get up to that level to have a comfortable lifestyle. However, when it comes to Alaska airlines, you can enjoy an elite status by upgrading your traveling class or seat. If you have a basic Alaska airlines booking and want an upgrade to any class, here you can find all the details regarding it.

What are the types of Alaska Airlines Upgrades available for you?

Alaska airlines offer several types of upgrades. However, most of them are available only for travelers having an elite membership or access to an Alaska Airline’s Frequent Flyer Program. But still, there are upgrades that a non-elite traveler can avail of.

•          First Class upgrade: Get unlimited access to all the in-flight services and facilities.

•          Premium Class upgrade: Travelers can get benefits that are available to the Premium ticket class holders.

•          Companion upgrade: Elite passengers can upgrade up to one companion along with them.

How to upgrade seats at Alaska Airlines?

There are three elite statuses available at Alaska Airlines: MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold, and MVP. If you belong to one of these classes, and already have Alaska airlines reservations, you are eligible for upgrading your seats. Here’s how:

•          Go to the Alaska Airlines official website.

•          Head to the Manage Reservations or Manage Flights section.

•          Select your flight in which you want a seat upgrade. For that, enter the passenger’s last name followed by the booking confirmation ID.

•          You will see an option to upgrade flights. Click on it and select the class in which you want an upgrade. Click on the Continue button.

With this, you have successfully upgraded your seat.

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